Viper Dixieland

A really good dixieland song that reminds me so much of New Orleans ( in New Orleans people sometimes play jazz music after a funeral). I dont claim credit o…
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  1. Daniel Fischer says:

    Do you still have theп»ї MP3?

  2. bloocheesemadness says:

    Does anyoneп»ї have the download to this song?

  3. DoYouFearDeath333 says:

    did anyoneп»ї else get this from NCIS?

  4. Drew Karsanow says:

    If I’m ever richп»ї I’d retire and have a mansion in the Bayou and play music like this.

  5. LuffyandZoro1 says:

    I absolutely love Jazz andп»ї I have yet to find this song!

  6. CellobeanRocks says:

    Everytime I hear this I think of NCIS and Kate’sп»ї funeral.

  7. CellobeanRocks says:

    every time i hear this i think of NCIS and Kate’s funeralп»ї

  8. alanastwilight says:

    This is one of those songs that makes me thank God for so I can put it on my iPod.п»ї :) I love this song since NCIS.

  9. Ella Bella says:

    I love this song!!! Ever since i heard it on NCIS i knew i had toп»ї find it :)

  10. Austin Axxlon says:


  11. Carambaka says:

    viper is such a great great great songп»ї – i HAD to find it because i heard the melody since iВґve ever heard it in my head

  12. Carambaka says:

    find it? i guess at navy c.i.s.?! KateВґs funeral? ItВґsп»ї really an awesome song….so….hm…you know…awesome

  13. schafiundwolle says:

    Ich liebe dieses Lied! Es ist wirklich schГ¶n, auch in der 3. Staffel von NCIS, Episode 2,daher kenne ich es und ich fand es wirklich sГјГџ von Abby, wenn sie den Song auf Kate’s Beerdigung spielt. Das ist eine Wirklich schГ¶ne Szene, aber ich liebe diesen Song und Dixieland auch so :) Danke fГјr’s reinstellen!!!п»ї

  14. DoctorWhoSoundtracks says:

    I heard this during Kate’s funeral in NCIS,п»ї and I fell in love with it!

  15. McGeeLover says:

    thank you so much for posting! i love thisп»ї song and i’ve been searching all over the internet for it after i first heard it on ncis! thanks again

  16. PeggyOpalandDT says:

    i love this song!! i first heard it on NCIS and i feel in love with it i have been looking for this song ever since!! thanks for putting it up on here :-) i can now listen and dance to it everydayп»ї now :-)

  17. therinb says:

    I want this song played at myп»ї ash strewing…. right after Vera Lynn’s “We’ll Meet Again”. And I hope everyone walks away with a big smile on their face!

    Old Therin

  18. PMFC607 says:

    great song, if you have an mp3 of it, would you send itп»ї over, please? or direct me where i can find it, been searching for a few years now.

  19. alanabanana63 says:

    Amazing song. How did you findп»ї it? I haven’t found anywhere you can download or buy it.

  20. celticsaga says:

    it’s very hard to find this song, thanksп»ї for sharing :)

  21. cadevereaux says:

    Hey I cannot findп»ї this song anywhere could you make this so i could put it on my itouch :P

  22. circuedeploom says:

    I know it’s probably impossible, but couldп»ї you get a link to this song like you said? It’s really nice.

  23. dormill says:

    i love this song. if you have the mp3 ofп»ї the song could you send it to me?

  24. mahmadinho says:

    Thanks alot!п»ї

  25. J Wang says:

    I LOVE THIS!!!! too bad there’sп»ї no mp3 for this

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