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Electric musical instrument

Electric musical instrument

in which sound vibrations are obtained by mechanical means, amplified and then come in speaker system.

The idea of creation belongs to soviet scholar — Lev Termen, who constructed such an instrument in early 20s. First to receive the practical application, was the organ, model of which was developed by American Lawrence Hammond in 1929 (mass production started in 1935).
In the second half of the 30s there was an electric guitar and then violin. In the 50s firm «Fender» started production of a bass guitar and piano, but after a while the Japanese company «Yamaha» has mastered the production of grand pianos.

Some of the electric musical instrument is clavinet — a kind of spinet and the planets, whose design incorporated features piano and clavinet. Electrification was also some double bass and wind instruments.

Using electric musical instrument significantly enriched sonic palette of jazz all sorts of effects that are achieved through the use of various attachments that convert sound.