Alan Parsons Project, APP – Eye in the sky, Solo fingerstyle jazz guitar arrangement

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

Another original composition that I wrote many years ago. Hope you enjoy – however you may call that – groove jazz, acid jazz, chill jazz, lounge jazz, instr…

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  1. badazz977 says:

    Best five minutes of my life.

  2. Alec tributes to brilliant music artists says:

    Wonderful !! ^_^

  3. Ivar Fritjof Hansen says:

    great guitar performance man love it alan parsons i love there music a lot.

  4. melissanicetrue says:

    nice !

  5. pigletized says:

    excellent! beyond excellent!!!!

  6. GretScot says:

    Good Job ! If you’re a Gibson guitar fan, check out this guitar. It
    belonged to Ian Bairnson many moons ago: spivideo com/gibsonsg

  7. Henare Shadlock says:

    dude that is incredible well done

  8. frankzito1 says:

    Im sure he could do it. ;-)

  9. trevormcmanis says:

    sounds terrific!!! love it…

  10. emo4327 says:

    dude u know ur so fu*king awesome i like the way u play this song im a fun
    of alan parson and now im a fun of u….2 thumbs up

  11. biboygitarista says:

    wow! very nice. I observe that you move your right hand much like tuck

  12. chiricm says:

    Along with your impeccable technique, you also have impeccable taste in
    music. Great job Jake

  13. urbania70 says:

    Subscribed! And I’m happy you perform it live with a trio!

  14. mrawls24 says:

    This is really nice. Very tasteful and well played.

  15. SUNNYD3322 says:


  16. Addy711 says:

    Found you looking for this song in a jazz guitar arrangement, I love it and
    everything else I’ve heard you play. Bought the new album and always get my
    mom a guitar CD for Christmas and this year she’s getting 16 songs. Happy

  17. derfunkhaus says:

    Beautiful playing! You make it look it easy. I love the upbeat tempo you
    are playing. It gives it a Brazilian flavor. Your video is the sort of
    thing I’d love to share on my Facebook page, but the lengthy text in the
    description box is too much.

  18. gianluca9004 says:

    its fantastic .. i would play so..

  19. Juan S says:

    Enseñala men! te lo agrqadesco esa version es la mejor! porfa saqe un video
    enseñandola lo mas pronto podible

  20. samuraifugitivo says:

    @korkorkor are you really the bassist?, man, i saw you when you visited
    lima peru, great concert!, whe dont have rock like this anymore

  21. Jake Reichbart says:

    Thank you! This one of the very few songs i actually have a TAB for. I
    would prefer to give it away along with a DVD lesson on this song, if you’d
    order one (see profile). Otherwise, I can’t just give it away, but I can
    sell a copy for very little which I can email you as a PDF. I don’t want to
    sound heartless, but I am hardly making anything these days in general and
    nothing at all on these videos Thanks again!

  22. urbania70 says:

    Great, after Time that’s another great jazzz cover of APP! Chords are
    perfect and you add something of your style. You must be proud of receiving
    compliments from John Montagna!

  23. dallasbean36 says:

    just to letcha know. your my hero hahaha

  24. againstidiots1 says:

    Thanks for posting. I really enjoyed that. Well done.

  25. cicalone70 says:

    Spettacolare… BRAVO..

  26. M0hamedAsh0ur says:

    You’r amazing!!

  27. Ardi Prawira says:


  28. Med Anass El Issmaeli says:

    Thank you very much, you made my day.

  29. unlocomelomano says:

    hey, how long have you been playing flute? your music is great! i love it

  30. TwainsBlues says:

    Some fine playing. Nice groove, Happy New Year!

  31. Sayan Sengupta says:


  32. mopingzvid says:

    keep it roll ! :D awesome.

  33. Tom Cote says:

    awesome job!

  34. Greg Baird says:

    I love how you make the playing look really easy. Sign of a master
    musician. ore videos please.

  35. Michael Diehl says:

    yeah ;-) I like it very much !!!

  36. Ivan Surrel says:

    Hehehe !!! Here it is ^^ Wonderfull job Oliv(i)er, je suis fier d’être un
    des premier à te féliciter pour ce travail remarquable de finesse et de
    groove ! j’ADORE !!!!

  37. StarBluez101 says:

    Great Flute & Guitar work!! Great sound & Production work too!

  38. JoS2748 says:

    another person who should be famous

  39. notme1713 says:

    Such a good combination of guitar n flute! U really compose it so amazingly
    wonderful piece of art. Love it!

  40. Oliver Mochmann says:

    @DrewBischoff Thanks a lot – (while still working on the
    becoming-famous-part…) each of all those super kind comments means a
    Grammy to me!!! :-) ))

  41. Yanuar Fernandez says:

    I like this so much!!!!

  42. Dirko Juchem says:

    Grandios – genialer Song!!!

  43. superkaruto says:

    great job :)

  44. Pat Meruseye says:


  45. CarlosMurgaHI says:


  46. Oliver Mochmann says:

    Thanks! Pretty basic (and not the latest) equipment: AT4035 mic + guitar
    pickup (Fishman Prefix piezo/mic), old Alesis io|2 interface and Cubase SE.
    Video: Canon HF200, Magix Video Deluxe MX Premium, several PAR20 lights and
    I even experimented with a LED Gobo projector here. Greetings, Oliver

  47. Poramazbluesman says:


  48. SplitxHeart says:

    Deine Musik ist und hat total Klasse! Gefällt mir total gut und irgendwie
    musste ich lachen, weil ich auch schon mal vor der U3 stand und die
    plötzlich Betriebsschluss hatte! xD Da stand ich dan blöd da und hab 10min
    gebraucht bis mir die Idee kam ein Taxi zu rufen. OTL In der Zeit hätte ich
    deine Musik gut gebrauchen können! <3

  49. axeriffin says:

    This is absolutely exceptional……real x-factor stuff…….playing,
    composition, flow and style. You need to be on the air.

  50. Atirah Norddin says:


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