Acoustic piano

Acoustic piano 

Percussion, keyboard musical instrument, performing melodic, harmonic and rhythmic features.

One of the most popular instruments in jazz, associated with the genre since its inception. Acoustic piano entered into with the advent of ragtime jazz in the last decade of last century. Its first representative are known Negro pianist Scott Joplin.

Acoustic piano

At the turn of XIX-XX centuries piano music has become very popular in the barrel-house, where they played a lot of talented pianists, then — known jazz musicians. The first outstanding pianist, who had a great influence on the development of technology in jazz was Jelly Roll Morton, in the manner of performing that combine features of ragtime and New Orleans jazz.

The most intense peak piano art reaches the second half of the 20s and 30s by such musicians as Albert Ammons, Count Basie, James Pete Johnson, Meade Lax Lewis, Clarence Pine Top Smith, Willie Smith, Art Tatum, Teddy Wilson, Thomas Fet Waller, Earl Hines, Duke Ellington, Jimmy Yancey.

During this period, the acoustic piano performing undergone significant evolution, expressed in constant in claims in a new texture, which led to different ways of playing the instrument.

This  the use of melodic without chords technology in conjunction with the accompaniment developed by Earl Hines, stride style of play developed from ragtime and boogie woogie playing technique of block chords, first used in the early 40s by Milt Buckner, accompaniment music by irregular chord, which was typical of the postwar jazz pianists.

All these ways of playing well in practice and entered active development of modern jazz pianists, among them Frederick Gulda (Austria), Mike West Brook (England), Francy Boland (Belgium), Milcho Leviev (Bulgaria), Attila Garay (Hungary) , Pim Jacobs (The Netherlands), Tete Mantolyu (Spain), Richard Oshanitski (Romania), Igor Bril, Vyacheslav Ganelin, Nicholas Levinovsky, Vagif Mustafa-Zadeh, Tonu Naysoo, Boris Rych-ing, Boris Frumkin, Leonid Siskin (USSR), Dave Brubeck, Eroll Garner, Kate Dzheret, Chick Corea, John Lewis, Thelonious Monk, Bud Powell, Oscar Peterson, Ho-races Silver, Cecil Taylor, Bobby Timmons, Lennie becomes Three, Herbie Hancock, George Shearing, Bill Evans (U.S. ), Jacques Duvivier, Martial Solyal (France), Alexander von Slippenbach (Germany), Georg Gruntts (Switzerland), Jan Johansson, Bobo Stenson (Sweden), Joze Privshek, Bora Rokovich (Yugoslavia), Toshiko Akiyoshi (Japan). In modern jazz electric piano is also used.